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Gareth Thompson -
The Great Harlequin Grim

Samsom Ashburner always felt different – even before the farm accident that left his face scarred and confidence shattered. With the taunts of local children and his mother’s criticism ringing in his ears, Samson escapes to the Cumbrian countryside, away from the demands of his parents’ failing pub and the plans of a new ambitious landowner. Samson’s refuge is an ancient charcoal-burning hut in the nearby woods. There he encounters Angel Obscura, a beautiful gypsy girl who helps him see that hiding away is not the only option. But Angel may be concealing scars of her own, and Samson finds himself drawn into a web of deceit with an explosive outcome.

‘Green politics, a first love affair and kitchen sink drama combine in The Anarchist's Angel to form a tremendously satisfying novel’ The Bookbag

‘Anarchist's Angel’ teeters on a precipice between savagery and immense compassion, it crackles with energy and the searing heat of raw human emotions’ The Bookseller

‘This is a taut, atmospheric thriller which had me in its thrall from the opening page’
Children’s Book News

‘A great thriller… a cracking read for adults too’ Cumbria Life

‘The book moves at a cracking pace… It will inspire young people to think about their world and their relationships, and to consider what is of value’ Fresh Ties

'The Anarchist’s Angel, confirms yet again what a burgeoning talent he really is'
Westmorland Gazette

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image1 ‘Harker Hall’, where the Standish family moves into.
image2 Hazy view of ‘Wolf Hill’ with Stickle Pike behind.
image3 Peter Jackson’s modern version of an old charcoal burner’s hut, at Brantwood, near Coniston.
image4 The fateful barley field, with Blind Baxter’s tractor, and Appletree Wood behind.
image5 In the dark heart of Appletree Wood.
image6 The quarry at Bursting Stone where the free party occurs.